Executive SearchConsider this

There are many reasons to choose
Next Exec, including:


1. Our process ensures that you only spend time interviewing people who are qualified, fit your compensation range and want to work for you.
2. In addition to the resume of each qualified candidate, we provide:
  - our synopsis - why we believe they are worth your time to interview,
- signed Authorization Form (if you choose this service)
- details of their current compensation.
3. We bring you passive (preferred) candidates rather than people actively seeking new employment.


Choose Next Exec for your important hiring needs!


How we are different and why that matters to you!

Our proven approach to executive search has been successful for many organizations, large and small, across the United States.

We want you to have a successful hire and rewarding experience when working with us. Therefore, we have established particular steps and created unique tools to ensure that you are introduced to qualified candidates who are interested in pursuing your opportunity. Key factors include:

The way we develop the target list of prospective candidates.

    • Fresh, timely research for every project. (Passive, and therefore preferred, candidates are the goal.)
    • Never, ever an advertisement, internet posting or resume database.  These methods often deliver active, job-seeking candidates who aren't qualified - not what you want from a search firm!

The way we approach a prospective candidate.

    • We make discreet, direct contact which builds trust.  We ignite their interest to meet you and explore your opportunity!

The way we present your opportunity.

    • We promote your organization and the opportunity with knowledge and enthusiasm!
    • Strategic steps build the candidate’s interest and allow us to validate their experience and qualifications.

The way we present candidates to you.

    • Our interviews culminate in presenting you with candidates who meet or exceed your expectations and have a particular interest in pursuing the opportunity.
    • We write a synopsis to accompany each resume to provide you with a deeper understanding of the individual and what makes them worth your consideration.

The way we support and advise all parties throughout the process.

    • We make sure you and the candidate are thoroughly prepared for the interview.
    • We bring closure and appreciation to the individuals not moving forward.
    • We extend your offer to the candidate you select and deliver their acceptance back to you. We guide the new hire through the proper resignation steps and handling of any counter offer scenarios.

Our consultative process ensures the most thorough and accurate exchange of information. This enables effective decisions and the best long-term results.