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What message do you send when you place an ad in the paper or on the internet - "low cost, anybody will do, hope we get lucky..."


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When a candidate receives a direct call from us, they realize they have been carefully selected. This tells them that the organization takes hiring the right candidate very seriously.


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Hospitality Executive Search

Strong front-line leadership is fundamental to the smooth operation and profitability of a hotel or resort. Owners and operators recognize that a great guest experience can be achieved with an experienced management team. Next Exec finds outstanding candidates for key roles including Executive Director, General Manager, Administrator, Director of Sales, Revenue Manager and Food & Beverage operations.

We conduct searches for a wide range of positions. Many of our searches have been in the areas of:

Property Management

  • Executive Director
  • General Manager
  • Administrator
  • Revenue Manager

Sales & Marketing

  • Ecommerce
  • Director of Sales
  • Group Sales Manager
  • Catering Sales Manager

Food & Beverage Operations

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