Consider this

You want to attract candidates who

  • are currently employed in a similar capacity,
  • have a track record of employment stability,
  • are excited about your opportunity,
  • live within proximity,
  • fit your compensation range.


You are finding candidates who are

  • under qualified,
  • over qualified,
  • unhappily employed,
  • unemployed.


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Case Study Examples of Next Exec Clients


Non-profit, independent home near Boston sought a new Administrator due to the planned retirement of incumbent.


  • Board of Directors had inherited incumbent and never previously filled a leadership position.  This created a need for in-depth consultation throughtout the process.
  • Retiring Administrator expressed interest in a lesser part time role causing a potentially difficult transition for the new Adminstrator, subordinates and B.O.D.


  • Retained service selected to lead Board through process and partner with search committee.
  • Exhaustive regional search conducted to find a "right sized" Administrator with experience in change management, ability to report directly to a Board and appreciation for non-profits.


  • 6-month search with hundreds of contacts leading to dozens of prospects and ultimate yield of five "short list" top candidates interviewed by search committee.
  • Lead candidate presented to full Board for pre-offer approval.
  • Said candidate hired and subsequently led successful transition allowing for incumbent to remain in a reduced role.

Retail Development Director

Home Decorators needed a strong Retail Development Director with both multi-unit management, significant store planning and openings experience.


  • Small candidate pool in St. Louis.
  • Few Director level retail ops managers with enough store planning and openings experience.
  • Needed someone who could fit into their company culture while satisfying Home Decorators’ new parent company’s requirements.


  • Networked with retail industry executives for appropriate referrals.


  • Hired seasoned retail operations executive with home décor, rapid store openings experience.

eCommerce Channel Manager

Salem Five needed to bring in an experienced banking professional to drive business growth through eCommerce.


  • New capacity for both the bank and the industry.
  • Few people with the variety of necessary skills in the geographic area.
  • Experience requirements adjusted during search process.
  • Involvement of senior executive team and Bank President during hiring process.


  • Classic recruiting approach.
  • Identified local, regional and national banks with e-banking.
  • Persistence.
  • Networking.


  • Hired our surfaced candidate - a local banking professional with extensive experience growing business through the application of new and emerging technologies.

Flagship General Manager

Swarovski needed to hire a talented general manager to run their new flagship location on Michigan Avenue.


  • Specific experience running an unusually high volume luxury retail business.
  • Experience with uniqueness of working with Michigan Avenue clientele.
  • Highly selective process due to the involvement of both North American senior executives and Swarovski senior family members.
  • Solution

  • Networked with the Michigan Avenue store management community.
  • Screened for an unusual mix of experience – specialty retail, high volume, luxury, Michigan Avenue customer base.


  • Hired a dynamic, strong manager with a mix of both luxury department store and high end specialty retail experience. This person had 9 years of Michigan Avenue clientele experience.

Community Site Producer

Gaiam needed to hire a producer to manage every aspect of the user experience on their new lifestyle destination and community site. This person would need to be able to use interactive programs, online features and content to deliver significant growth in traffic to their site.


  • New position for company – Gaiam was one of the first direct to consumer retailers to establish a community page on their website.
  • Few people with appropriate experience – most located on the East or West Coasts.
  • Role must be filled by someone who believes in and lives Gaiam’s LOHAS (Lifestyle of   health and sustainability).


  • Research companies with interactive community sites with users who are a similar demographic as Gaiam’s user base.
  • Network within the appropriate companies.


  • Hired one of the first internet community managers with experience managing live sites in a business to consumer environment.

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