Next Exec RPO can be applied to a wide range of managerial capacities including:

  • District Manager
  • General Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • and many others…


Executive RPO can be applied to a wide range of senior level capacities including:

  • C-level executives
  • VP
  • Director
  • Regional Director
  • and many others…


Sometimes contingency isn’t enough and retained is too much. Next Exec RPO is scaleable and can satisfy many unique recruiting conditions. Our process has been chosen by a wide range of small, medium and large organizations as an efficient and effective way to identify & secure talent for managerial and executive capacities. Here are just a few examples of situations that RPO can satisfy:

Situation # 1

You have a vacant management position that has become stale. The channels you’ve used to date have yet to yield the right candidate. The job is publicly known – everyone, and their brother, has heard about it.

Potential problems with contingency:

  • The position may not qualify for recruiting fees based on a “percent of salary”.
  • The recruiter sees it as a “lame duck” search – so they focus on other projects


Solution = Next Exec RPO:

  • Your account executive takes the search seriously because they see the investment you are willing to make.
  • By identifying, contacting and qualifying passive (preferred) candidates, you get a fresh pool to consider.
  • You control expenses by determining which steps to handle in-house and which to outsource to Next Exec.


Situation # 2

Your company may create a new position but your not sure if it will definitely going forward.

Potential problems with Contingency:

  • The recruiter may make it public by posting it on-line.
  • The recruiter may not take it seriously if it could result in a “no-hire”.
Potential problem with Retained:
  • If the organization cancels the position, the lost retainer takes a big chunk out of the recruiting budget


Solution = Next Exec RPO:
  • The search is always handled confidentially.
  • Your Account Executive makes the search a priority because he/she knows they compensated.
  • Candidates are impressed with the “Retainer” style approach.
  • You control your cost by managing the service time.


Situation # 3

You have a vacant position and an internal candidate has expressed interest. You may decide to promote the person but you’d like to see other candidates from the marketplace first.

Potential problems with Contingency:
  • The recruiter may make it public by posting it on-line which could cause the internal candidate to draw the wrong conclusion.
  • You don’t want to risk damaging your relationship with the recruiter by asking them to run a search and then making an internal promotion leaving the recruiter with no earning potential.
Potential problems with Retained:
  • If you promote the internal candidate, the lost retainer takes a big chunk out of the recruiting budget.


Solution = Next Exec RPO:
  • We discreetly contact people of interest – those who meet or exceed your expectations for experience and education.
  • We adjust weekly, even daily, to your fluid conditions.
  • You have the opportunity to interview external candidates in a confidential manner.
  • You control expenses by managing the amount of service time we provide.


Our RPO service is designed for managerial-level positions that require something more than advertising or contingency search.

Our Executive RPO service is designed for senior-level vacancies that may not need a fully retained search.

To learn more, please call us at 978.740.3932 or complete the contact form. We are happy to provide you with specific examples. We look forward to hearing from you!