The ever changing retail landscape creates talent demands for companies who want to stay ahead of the curve. Brick & mortar chains and eCommerce retailers rely on Next Exec to identify and secure executives for a wide range of critical capacities in the areas of merchandising, marketing, eCommerce, distribution and multi-unit store supervision.

Consumer banking is experiencing an evolution in cutting-edge service to attract and retain customers. Technological advancements and lifestyle changes are creating new opportunities for banks to increase market share. Next Exec brings talent to banks for key positions in branch leadership and corporate capacities in the areas of eCommerce, auditing and human resources.

Strong front-line leadership is fundamental to the smooth operation and profitability of a hotel or resort. Owners and operators recognize that a great guest experience can be achieved with an experienced management team. Next Exec finds outstanding candidates for key roles including Executive Director, General Manager, Administrator...


How we are different and why that matters to you!

Our proven approach to executive search has been successful for many organizations, large and small, across the United States. 

We want you to have a successful hire and rewarding experience when working with us.  Therefore, we have established particular steps and created unique tools to ensure that you are introduced to qualified candidates who are interested in pursuing your opportunity.  Key factors include: